Elk Valley's Policy

Returns and Exchanges

Elk Valley Public Improvement Corporation exempts “Refunds to customers for merchandise purchased at the Development Site Retailer’s store and returned and exchanged” from the Public Improvement Fee collected at Colorado Mills, The Promenade at Denver West, and The Shoppes at Denver West. The following must be applied to determine if a customer is due a refund of Public Improvement Fees.

1) A customer has purchased a sweater from a store located in a city other than Lakewood and returns the

sweater to the same store at one of the above properties. The PIF will not be refunded, because the PIF

was not collected on the original purchase.

2) A pair of shoes was purchased from a store at one of the above properties and then returned to the same

store. The PIF will be refunded.

3) A customer buys a pair of pants at a store at one of the above properties and returns the pants at the same

store located in a different city. The PIF will not be refunded because that store does not collect the PIF.

4) A customer buys a coat from a store at one of the above properties and decides that the coat is too small

and wants to exchange the coat for a larger size at the store it was purchased. On the next day the coat is

on sale, therefore, the PIF for the higher transaction will be refunded, and PIF for the less expensive

transaction will be collected.

Please note that all sales documentation for returns and exchanges must be retained and preserved to support all

deductions taken from gross sales.